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Hi everyone,

I am currently laid up on the couch with the flu and an eye infection. Bummer. I went to Perth for the Australian training camp, it was great, and a major achievement for me was that I got selected in the Australian team for a tournament in late August. The Womens’ league went quite well, we won two and lost two which was a good result as we didn’t have out full team.

The trip home to Sydney was not that much fun, we were all ready to take off then there was some problem so I didn’t get back till 6am on Monday. Since I have been sick I have only worked one day this week, but soldier on, I am going to Brisbane tomorrow for two men’s league games.

Talk to you all next week.


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Kylie Gauci blog

Hi everyone,

I am watching my 5 year old godson race in an athletics carnival, it is hilarious, they are so busy watching the people that are watching them that they don’t quite get to the finish line. Read the full story

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Kylie Gauci – first post

Hi everyone, this is my first blog to let you know what I am doing on the “Road to London”. I am part of the Gliders team, the Australian wheelchair basketball team. It is a mad sport, I love the contact and the craziness. Read the full story

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