Lauryn Mark blog

This week I am scrambling to get my self in order for the World Championships. I depart on September 4th with my competition on September 10th.  After my Australia Cup competition on Saturday once again bringing me mixed results I will need to do a lot of training prior to my departure.  Unlike Brisbane where I started strong and finished poorly, I did exactly the opposite at this event.  I was very slow to get started but finished strong.  I managed to win but only narrowly after shooting off against my fellow World Championship team member, Laura Coles. The goal now is to perform consistently at a high standard for the whole event!

On top of wanting to increase my training prior to my departure, our business is gaining momentum with a lot of events in the next couple of weeks and an increased administration load with plenty of event enquiries coming into the warmer months. Based on the World economy at the moment this is in no means a complaint!  I am thrilled to see the business growing and hope to keep up with the demand.

I also have a few children in need of some quality time with their parents. One thing I am finding is that the busier I get the more I appreciate and value every minute I get with my lovely children.

I would however appreciate anyone that can tell me how to get more then 24 hours in a day???

  • sportsmad

    Hi Lauryn.
    How did you go in the World Championships? Hope you were happy with the result and are back home enjoying life. What’s next on the program?