Revelling in Female Role Models

Every week, seemingly, we are treated to a new drama from some of our male sportstars: everything from drinking, drug-taking, urinating in public places, consorting with criminals and domestic violence.

Now some corporate entities are looking at our female sportstars.They can see the possibilities of aligning their message with some positive role-models. And this can only enhance the focus on our very successful females and encourage other younger females to stay involved in sports for the life lessons and benefits that it will bring to their lives.

Samsung is one such corporation that has seen the opportunities for it in promoting female sport and inviting the Australian audience to step back and appreciate the positive role models on show in female sport. Samsung is a major sponsor of the national netball team, the Queensland Firebirds and Sydney Swifts, as well as sponsoring at a grassroots level in Queensland and NSW. Samsung recently launched its Rethink Role Models series ( featuring members of the Diamonds Netball Team; Laura Geitz, Sharni Layton, Paige Hadley, Caitlin Bassett and Kim Ravaillon. The mini-series highlights personal battles the stars have gone through and champions their responses, showing what they stand for as well as the broader qualities they represent.

Sharni Layton, for instance, reveals the drive, intensity and self-belief she has had to develop to reach her goals

P1010626It’s refreshing to see stars being so articulate, authentic and positive. A far cry from some of the monosyllabic interviews we are treated to from our male stars!