Janette Eastham, a mother’s perspective from London.

Hi for those of you that do not follow Australian hockey my name is Janette Eastham  (Casey Eastham’s Mum). I have been asked by sportstar.com to write a blog as a parent of a prospective Olympian. With the help of my fiance Darryl, I will endeavour to give you an insight into the journey that Casey and ourselves will be undertaking in the lead up to and the duration of the 2012 London olympic games.
As I write my first ever blog, I am on my way from Gosford, NSW to Perth to see Casey for a few days and I am a mixture of emotions…. Very excited to see Casey as it will be our last chance to catch up before the Olympics, very worried after I got the phone call last night that every parent dreads this close to final selections.
Casey was injured at training yesterday, sustaining a fractured cheek bone and had five stitches in her face. How bizarre that it should happen the day before that i was due to fly over there. Makes me even happier that I can be there with her for the next few days.It is really hard being so far away when your daughter is trying to handle the stress of high level training and preparation for the olympics, even harder when things like this happen. Next step is to find out if the injury needs an operation, I could end up being in Perth a lot longer than planned !!
Great news!! prior to departure a very welcome phone call from an elated Casey announces that despite the bone fracture and stitches she will not require surgery and is cleared to depart with the hockeyroos squad on Mon .They will be participating in the London Cup that is a preliminary tournament ahead of the olympics. This was fantastic news and of much relief to Casey, ourselves and her family. So hopefully my visit to Perth will comprise of lots of TLC, chats, shopping and catching up with her instead of doctors visits,xrays  and hospital rooms. !!!
Janette and Darryl
  • Sportsmad

    Thanks for the blog Janette. It will be great to get your inside view and follow Casey and the team. Looking forward to future posts.

  • sportsaddict

    Wow, 2 peas in a pod. I can’t wait to read more blogs from you Janette, keep them coming!  Great idea sportstar.com

  • Cranstonangie

    I’m really looking forward to following your blog love you guys, have fun and think of us while your watching fabulous hockey!!

  • Shauna

    Congratulations Janette on your first blog.  It was very interesting and I look forward to reading more about your journey

  • Growing up I wish my mum were as supportive in my love of sport! Goodluck to Casey and the Hockeroos =D

  • Dibrown

    Great to know what’s going on! Will be keeping a look out for all your updates during the competition. Good luck to all the girls!

  • Wgiffin

    Great to read about mother daughter rellationship

  • Isedale’s

    Enjoyed reading your blog Janette. We’ll look forward to hearing more of your journey to London, go the green and gold wigs!! Best wishes to Casey and the hockeyroos.