Hockeyroos: Game two (a mum’s perspective)

Well as you know we got off to not the greatest of starts in this Olympic campaign, but what a turn around! Again not much sleep was had by our group,  get so nervous before they play and usually can’t eat and feel positively ill by the time the  game arrives. I try and tell myself that no matter how I feel that or we as a group can’t change what happens on the field. But i think sometimes if we cheer a lot louder and encourage the girls on the pitch that it can lift them when things are not going well.
We arranged for our hockeyroos’ family and supporters to meet at Australia House for pre-game discussions (drinks ) and to refine our chants and songs. Well what a turn out! 70 to 80 Aussie supporters all adorned in their supporters clothes. Matt and Scott were very popular, but also very uncomfortable ! They lasted for about 10 hours in the body suits. Scott said they had some interesting looks at the urinals! I can only imagine! The boys and ourselves have featured in several media  shoots. Channel 7 & 10 opening night, win TV interview yesterday prior to game featured the Gregson /Eastham  family supporters group . Look out for Sunrise as we ran into one of their Channel 7 crew and may be called upon for that at some point. Hope you caught Matt and Scotts half time dance in first game. They also were found in the crowd at yesterdays game and mentioned for their lycra outfits.
The game was a great display against the 3rd ranked Germany team. Again we had to come from behind and to their credit did so amazingly well. Our crowd was so excited, it was a  wonderful display from the team and by the very vocal cheer squad. I always think it must be so wonderful to be playing in front of such a crowd and be able to hear your supporters cheering. Well cheer we did ! Our next game is Thur morn at 10.45 England time against USA. Again it is a must win for our girls. Argentina were defeated by USA yesterday so our pool as we expected will be extremely tight. Fingers crossed ! How awesome is our goalie Toni Cronk!
 Ryan has his first run on the 3rd  of August. at the evening session . Heats of 1500 athletics. We will all be cheering for him and wish him the best of luck. He is feeling very sharp and just can’t wait for it to happen.
The hard thing about being over here is that we are having to watch the BBC TV feed , so its all about Great Britain. We have hardly seen any of the events that Australia are in unless Great Britain won a medal in the event. Hope the channel nine coverage is ok.
Bye for now. Keep you posted.  Janette & Daz
Photo: Matt and Scott (Casey’s brother and boyfriend). takes no responsibility for Matt’s dubious posture.