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Master Personal Trainer, Eduardo Navarro Sepulveda, gives his regular rundown on healthy, achievable ways to get fit and stay in shape.

Welcome to my first health and fitness column. I will be covering a range of topics for you on health, fitness or diet. I’ll keep the information brief in the hope that I might help to inspire you to continue with your fitness, commence your fitness or enhance your current program.

To get us going, let’s look at a very important muscle – the heart.

The benefits of cardiovascular/aerobic training. This kind of training refers to exercise that increases the heart rate, therefore strengthening the heart muscle and improving oxygen supply to the blood. The heart is the most important muscle in our body and, therefore, it needs to be looked after.

One 45 minute walk per day can improve your heart health and also lessen the chance of contracting Type 2 diabetes. Walking will burn more fat and also help to keep blood glucose levels under control.

If you can do 3 x 30 minute strong cardiovascular workouts per week (gym session, running, cycling, fast walk) this will help with losing weight, overall body health and good heart fitness.

Food is good for you! One of the great exercise myths I hear all the time is, “a cardio workout in the morning before eating will burn more fat”. Training in the morning kickstarts your metabolism, which is good. But if you don’t eat prior, you will be burning other things like muscle. Also, because you haven’t eaten you may have low blood sugar when exercising, which can make you dizzy and lacking the energy to perform to your potential. Get out of bed a bit earlier and eat a small meal 30-45 minutes before working out.

Go at your own pace. If you find the idea of exercise daunting, just start slowly with some walks or a ride, and always check with your GP before commencing any program.  Even if you start slowly the benefits (both mental and physical) will be enormous. Keep a daily note (just on the calendar) of the exercise you complete. It is a great motivator to see what you have done and how far you have come at the end of each week. For those who exercise regularly, mix it up. Don’t forget to include some weights, cardio work, and stretching.

Have a happy and healthy week!

Eduardo Navarro Sepulveda

Master Personal Trainer, Certificate III & IV in Fitness, Boxing Instructor, Heart Moves Leader (Heart Foundation of Australia), Registered Fitness Professional (Fitness NSW)