Exercise is addictive

I was never really an early morning person. Getting out of bed in the dark was simply hideous. I could only roll out once the sun had risen over the horizon.

But more and more, I found there was just not enough time in the day, and by the end of the day I was making excuses to get out of exercising – especially in winter. And that is when I discovered the magic of early morning Bootcamp – now referred to as Outdoor Fitness (the friendlier version of Bootcamp). Now I truly LOVE to get up in the dark – I get to see the sun rise, run around with a bunch of fun people three times a week, and all my exercise is done by 7.00am!! Brilliant!!

I am 42 years old and have always loved an active healthy lifestyle. Like most, however, your training and healthy eating tend to waver up and down, better and worse, with seasons, moods, work commitments and life in general. However, having just celebrated my one year anniversary (hooray!) of Outdoor Fitness, it is now a habit, not a conscious effort or chore. I hate to miss it. The alarm goes at 5.28am three times a week, and I easily bounce out of bed – rain, hail (it’s happened!) or shine. We do something different everyday – boxing, varied circuits, running, boxing, agility, stretching, etc etc.  I am certainly stronger, fitter, and have a spring in my step. The longer I stuck at it, the more enjoyable it became. Exercise is addictive!

Tip for the week: Choose exercise you actually enjoy

  • It can be anything. –  just do SOMETHING everyday. Make it fun. Do stuff you love, or at least with a person you love (then at least you can moan about stomach crunches together). You’re more likely to make it to training if there is a friend waiting for you. You will feel much better, have a great sense of achievement, a big smile – and a healthier body.

Emma (sportstar.com’s fitness ace)

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  • Julie

    Really enjoyed this article “Sportstar Ace!” It was good to hear such a sporty girl occasionally finds it icky to get up early and exercise and inspiring to think it can even become a favourite part of the day! I’m working on it! Keep posting – it really motivates us! 🙂