Exercise during pregnancy

Should I exercise when I am pregnant?  This is a common question posed by expecting mothers anxious to do what is best for their baby.

The short answer is yes.

Exercise benefits include:

  • Improved muscle tone
  • Increased strength
  • Better endurance
  • can aid your post-pregnancy recovery
  • great stress reliever
  • helps relaxation
  • can ease backache and alleviate constipation (a common pregnancy problem)

It may also help manage the amount of fat gained.

Now for the “buts”:

  1. you should always consult your health professional before starting an exercise program, especially if you have any complications such as pre-eclampsia, back problems or you have a multiple pregnancy.
  1. be realistic: if you haven’t exercised prior to falling pregnant, then now is not the time to go out hard.  A good guide is to ease off on the level you have been training at, lightening the load as your pregnancy advances.

Remember – listen to your body. Your exercise routine should leave you feeling energised, not exhausted. Light weight bearing exercise targeted at strengthening your postural muscles will help strengthen your back helping it cope with the added pressure your growing belly puts on your lower back.

Pregnancy is relatively short, use exercise to enhance the experience and help your body cope with the additional work it is doing.

Anja Lineen, Master Trainer, GoForFit.com.au

About Anja Lineen  www.goforfit.com.au

Anja has been exercising regularly for over 20 years and believes that
fitness is an integral component of general health, improved sense of
well being, confidence and energy levels.  Exercise is fantastic for stress
relief, focusing the mind and getting away from the everyday.

As the mother of three young children, Anja understands the demands on
time and the challenges involved in finding time to exercise.  She strongly
believes that this time taken to look after yourself brings not only health
and fitness benefits, but is also a necessary “time out” for you to
regenerate mentally and physically.

Anja is  a registered personal trainer with Cert III and IV in fitness and
also a qualified Punchfit Trainer.  Anja is based in Sydney