Cereal makes Seebohm fly in pool

Shane Warne survived on baked beans during his cricket travels to India, now Emily Seebohm is relying on cereal to avoid Delhi belly.

When you are taking on eight events in six days at the Delhi Commonwealth Games, strategy is everything.

A clever dinner choice helped the rising star avoid the “Delhi belly” syndrome, after her coach Matt Brown and fellow swimmers Ryan Napoleon and Rob Hurley opted for the meat bolognese pasta at an athletes village dining hall and came off second best.

“It is lucky I didn’t, he (Brown) is a bit sick,” Seebohm said on Monday. “I had cereal.

“I am just trying to keep healthy and doing the best I can in the situation we’ve got.”

Fortune was again on her side when she began her huge program on Monday.

She eased through the heats of the 200m individual medley despite a technical error that briefly listed her as disqualified.

Seebohm is set to race 18 times in the six-day program – once more than Michael Phelps when he won eight gold at Beijing.

But of course Napoleon and Hurley weren’t as lucky as Seebohm.

They “passed the baton” several times on the way to the toilet throughout Sunday night.

And it showed with national champion Hurley clocking only the 14th fastest time in the 400m freestyle heats on Monday to miss the final.

Hurley’s 3:57.46 effort was almost 10 seconds slower than his fastest time this year at the Games trials in March where he claimed the 400m, 800m and 1,500m trifecta.

“Me, Ryan and Emily’s coach Matt had it – good thing Emily didn’t have it,” Hurley said of the pasta.

“By 2am we were all running to the toilet, it hasn’t been good.

“I am in the same room with Ryan and we were in the same room alternating (in the toilet), passing the baton.”

But Napoleon appeared unaffected by the drama.

It seems nothing is going to stop him performing at the Games he thought he would never contest.

Napoleon, 20, looked set to miss the Games after copping a three-month ban for testing positive to a banned substance after using an incorrectly-labelled asthma medication.

He later appealed and had the ban backdated so he could contest the Delhi Games.

He finished third fastest in the 400m freestyle heats ahead of Monday night’s final.

“That (Delhi belly) is not going to affect me as much as something like three weeks out of the water (due to the initial ban),” Napoleon said.

“That is something I can put in the back of my mind and just race.

“I have definitely overcome what has happened to me and putting it all behind me.

“I have taken a step back in my preparation (due to the ban) but I am just trying to get up and race as best as I can.”

NEW DELHI – 04/10/2010 06:44:37 PM [AAP]