Janette Eastham Final blog

Well it's great to do this final blog having had a 2-0 win over China. Another tense game which again saw several opportunities going astray and two goals being disallowed  for us under video referal. This game was for the 5 v 6 placing. It is vitally important for the girls to gain as high a place as possible, to pick up world ranking points and to secure funding. Most people ...

Review: Vibram FiveFinger Speed

Are you a Vibram first timer or a keen barefoot shoe collector? Crossfit blogger and ex-competitive ballroom dancer Emma Hatch from the RxReview have these to say about the new Vibram FiveFinger Speed: The Good • As obvious as it sounds my feet feel free and can quickly adapt to any exercise. The toe pockets are the perfect fit and the sole is the perfect thickness, which m...

Imagine a country where they get behind women’s sport

The Brits, just like the Aussies, are looking to their women athletes to win them a lot of medals in London. The Olympics is one time women get the coverage they deserve. London has a lot to live up to if it wants to match the way Germany took women’s sport to its heart this time last year. (more…)