About us

For women who love their sport

Sportstar.com was created five years ago, in response to what we saw as the dearth of reporting and support for Australian sportswomen in the media. Our aim was to lift the profile of our amazing women sportstars and also connect with women generally who saw the benefits of an active lifestyle for their fitness and health.

We’ve shared their exploits with you and given a voice to many up and comers as well as established stars. Through us, you’ve been able to experience the build-up to famous exploits and learn about those behind the scenes: the parents who drove to training for years or the extended family and organisational supports that are so essential to successful elite performance.

Now, we can celebrate the fact that our female sportstars are at the forefront of any discussion about Australian sporting accomplishments, because of their achievements on the world stage in recent years. We’ll play our part by continuing to highlight the outstanding performances or our stars. At the same time we aim to be the place to go to for information, opinion and advice on the kinds of questions women have in relation to health and fitness.